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Lovely words about David...

...with a superb supporting cast, including a brilliant David James Kirkwood as the officious director's a fitting tribute to a forward-thinking woman

(Daphne Oram's Wonderful World of Sound) Lorna Irvine, The List

Sacha Kyle’s production features a series of performances – from Euan Cuthbertson as Syd and Andrew John Tait as Waters, with Ewan Petrie and David James Kirkwood – so impressive that this 55-minute show is a brief but complete immersion in Sixties culture, with its sense of infinite possibility."

(One Thinks of it all as a Dream) Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman.

Meanwhile David James Kirkwood and Christina Gordon are doing some remarkable role-switching themselves, with altered accents and adjusted body language vividly accounting for Paul’s family members, teachers, friends and even next-door’s dog.

(Mancub) Mary Brennan, The Herald


Standout among the written pieces, Clare Duffy’s Barcelona is a sensitive comedic vignette excellently performed by Kirkwood.

(Golden Arm Theatre Project) Christine Irvine, TV Bomb

David Kirkwood copes with the complexities of this role very convincingly, from the man who is nervous and uneasy around women, to a man in love with a convict.  Kirkwood gets the voice, subtle facial expressions and body language of Ralph just right.

(Our Country's Good) Lesley J Russell, The Public Reviews

Lovely words about Blood of The Young...

"this adaptation of a classic play is a fine example of their punky aesthetic. They pull apart the fabric of the text, only to stitch it back together in a patchwork of music, audience participation and ramshackle action. Everyone is complicit."

(Secret Show 1) Lorna Irvine, The List

"the cast are impressive in everything they do, especially the corpsing. Most of all there is magic, lots and lots of magic in a refreshingly audacious caper that weathers any storm that's thrown at it."

(Secret Show 1) Neil Cooper, The Herald

"Turns out, it’s the ideal platform for the Company’s particular brand of home-brewed anarchy, gloriously talented performers and, above all, their extreme appreciation for theatre as entertainment: genuine, side-splitting, worth-missing-telly-for, great night out entertainment."

(Secret Show 1) Christine Irvine, Exeunt Magazine 

"And if what is new here is not so much the people as the format, it still carries a real shiver of innovation: a refusal to accept that the fizzing energy of young theatre artists has to be tamed to a style that still alienates so many..." 

(The Golden Arm Theatre Project) Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman


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