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Not long back from Chicago: what a town. I could easily live there. Cracking theatre scene and cracking craft beer scene. I was lucky enough to see Dunsinane as it opened at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, completely different space from when I saw it in Glasgow. Looked luscious, and David Greig's writing travels marvellously. I also saw Shattered Globe's version of Tennessee Williams' The Rose Tattoo. It was great to see theatre at that (100 seat) level in a theatre town as big as Chicago. Five-week runs, every Thu/Fri/Sat - totally different from how we do things here. And all without funding. We are so lucky in this country.

I also caught This Is Modern Art on the main stage at Steppenwolf (now there's a space). All about when some graffiti artists painted the outside of the Chicago Institute of Art. Sexy design, very clever visuals and a script that was fun and informative, and played with gusto by the actors.

And I ate far too much deep dish pizza.

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