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Daphne 2.0

We finished our week long 'Tron Labs' residency at the Tron Theatre with a showing of the second incarnation of 'Daphne Oram's Wonderful World of Sound'. Again, feedback seems to have been overwhelmingly postive, and our hopes persist (nay, they grow!) that we will be able to mount a full-scale production of Daphne at some point.

Working with Paul & Izzy and Anneke and Dylan and Robin and Mr Matthew Stanley Seager is just great. It's been a good month for The Blood of The Young! And doing it in the creative confines of The Tron made such a difference - thanks to Michael John and everyone there for your help.

Image (c) Mihaela Bodlovic


#bloodoftheyoung #daphneoram #mihaelabodlovic #trontheatre #tronlabs #aliceboreasphotography

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