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Go Wolfpack! Go Blackhawks!


Ten days in. Blown away. I fully expected our ensemble to be a bunch of seriously talented people, and they are. I also hoped that everyone would be nice. Well, they're just lovely. Everyone is genuinely lovely. But what has struck me the most is the honesty and openness of the group. That, plus teaching of the top drawer, is making my time at Steppenwolf compelling and incredible.

It’s a real pleasure to study Meisner technique. Maybe pleasure is not the right word. Well, it is the right word, but pleasure isn't what you feel in class. It's making me a better and more fully aware actor, very quickly. And we don’t really get exposed to that Meisner in the UK so it's just such a great opportunity for me. And Chicago is the home of improv! The improv classes are a riot! Very much looking forward to seeing some improv shows while I'm here too...

We get to call oursleves 'Wolfpack 2015'.

Our building is on Racine Avenue, just like Sean Connery's in The Untouchables.

I watched my firsy hockey game the other night: the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup. Which makes up for Celtic not doing the treble. Ever so slightly.

And I love that I get called David...Davy...Dave…and sometimes ‘Glasgow’. Glasgow is cool.

Chicago is cool.

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