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Main stages and store fronts

Seen lots since arriving, due to my good lady's many friends and her ability to arrange comps for us! Saw 'The Herd' by Rory Kinnear on the Steppenwolf main stage - it's a belter of a space. 'Doubt: A Parable' is a tightly written piece performed up in a church in Glencoe and put on by Writer's Theatre. Cheers Mitch for that one.

'Store front' is the sort of intimate, black box theatre that Chicago is well-known for. My favourites so far: 'Goldfish' (Route 66) - cracking central performances by Fran Guinan and Tyler Meredith; and 'Abraham Lincoln Was a F*gg*t' (AboutFace), a charming and playful wee show with the music of Michael Jackson underscoring it all. The Edinburgh Festival would eat it up - I sincerely hope they take it there.


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