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You've Already Begun...

What a gorgeous way to spend the summer. I've been struck by the integrity of the artists in this town. I've been blown away by the talent of my colleagues. I've tried to soak up as much wisdom as possible from the teachers. Everyone's been lovely. Everyone's been great.

Showcase went well. I had to make a few adjustments to my accent which was a useful learning experience in itself. Standing room only both evenings and a very positive response overall.

I'm now slowly trawling through my 3 Moleskines-worth of notes to make some further writings about my technique and what I've learnt - in particular the use of my imagination rather than emotional memory. Meisner's really got me thinking about that. I'm sad Steppenwolf is over, but excited to start putting it all into practice.

Daily we would have Viewpoints classes with a gem of a man called Jon Berry. Oftentimes, he would tell us the requirements of the improvisation we were about to undertake, and then ask us to find a spatial relationship with each other. Then he would say "you've already begun". That never stops being applicable.

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