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Back on it...

I massively miss Chicago, and my girlfriend even more. But it's good to be back. I’ve got a real hunger to get stuck into acting, putting into practice all I’ve learnt. It feels like I’ve been training, on-and-off, for the best part of 2 years now! I’ve been able to hit the ground running with a couple of auditions already, and this week we did the first read-through of the scripts for Golden Arm. It’s going to be a joy to work on.

I also saw Lanark at The Citz. A truly remarkable achievement. It was epic and ballsy, with the three acts so disparate yet unified. It was great to see Gerry Mulgrew acting – I’ve only ever worked with him when he’s directed, or on a read-through. What presence. Every single member of the ensemble – and it was a genuine ensemble production – was phenomenal. Sandy Grierson as Lanark/Duncan gave such a sensitive, controlled performance as well. And the visuals were luscious. Projections are becoming so integral to so much theatre these days. Hats off to all involved, especially Mr. Paul Brotherston. I could definitely feel his nailbitten hand guiding various points in the piece!

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