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Tomorrow night we introduce the Golden Arm Theatre Project to the world!

(…by way of 50 people in the Tron Theatre’s Vic Bar)

It’s been interesting finding the places between theatre and performance, because these are in some ways spoken word pieces and in other ways they’re simple storytelling. They’re drama, but with minimal staging. We’re chained to mics, and that changes your physicality too. And then integrating the music and the words, the band and the actors, has been a tasty task too.

Rehearsals have been immensely enjoyable – it’s been the first production that we’ve been rehearsing for in the new Blood of The Young space in Govan. What a view - looks out directly onto the Clyde and the Transport Museum.

Golden Arm (the band) have been generous with their material - happy to rearrange songs to fit the setup of the evening and the ensemble. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy singing harmonies into a microphone. I’m really excited!

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