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Everyone at Blood of The Young and Golden Arm is pretty chuffed as the dust settles on last week's GATP. It was a hectic time, for sure, as we put as many finishing touches to the show over the course of that day. But it's a high energy, ramshackle sort of affair and that spirit came through. We have a better idea what it is now, and shall tighten and tweak before some more dates in the new year.

Next week I'm working with Sam Rowe on his new piece 'Those Who Love Us' at The Glue Factory. I remember reading some jaw-dropping, deeply harrowing stuff about the Stasi a few years back. Sam's play combines a lot of research of 80s East Germany with a parallel story set in present-day Glasgow. Really interesting. Very much looking forward to this. Never been across to The Glue Factory either - though I have a real affection for the Spiers Lock area as that's where much of 'Gengangere' and '549' was rehearsed.

The week after I'm lucky enough to be doing some training with Ewan Downie & Ann Porubcansky of A Company Of Wolves. I trained with them when I was doing my Masters and there were some profound moments during that fortnight! Two years further down the line, I'm eager to see where their work can take me now.

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