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Bravo, BITB!

I've been hideously negligent in maintaining this blog of late. And yet there is much to be blog about!

Starting with Bard in the Botanics. It's the first time in three years I've been able to see all the BitB shows and I'm loving them. Production and costumes are slick, stylish. Nicole Cooper as Coriolanus was standout in a standout show all round. I'm currently re-reading the play with a great deal that's been added to my enjoyment because of Gordon Barr's production. Twelfth Night looked like such fun (Kirk Bage should give masterclasses on how to play drunk!) and it was lovely to see the MACCT students doing fantastic work in both shows.

Great company: Glasgow, and Scotland, are very luck to have them. And I'm very glad to know them and have worked with them!

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