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Edinburgh International Science Festival

Over the last couple of weeks I was working with Stephanie Hunter & Rosy Duncan at Turnt (and performing alongside Naomi Stirrat, and Kirsty Punton) on a great piece of writing by Jenny Knotts about social media and its role in the grieving process when someone dies.

It was genuinely lovely to be rehearsing in the RCS again, and we had a showing of the piece at the Edinburgh International Science Festival's scratch night at the Scottish Storytelling Centre last week. The standard of works was strikingly high (the exact same phrase I felt compelled to use about the Pepperdine students' scratch, I know!) - a most enjoyable evening to be part of. Planets, chaos theory, the differences between the human and big cat dietary systems - probably the most enjoyable scratch I've ever been at!

And some interesting, positive and exciting conversations were had afterwards too...

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